Friday, 21 September 2007

Friendship/Tree Analogy

Friendship/Tree Analogy

  • Leaves – these are the people you encounter for a short time in life. They tend to blow away when the wind changes direction. These are the people you see every day i.e. coworkers, schoolmates, neighbors, etc. The relationship fades once there is a change in the common interest i.e. work, school, neighbourhood. 
  • Branches – these are friends that have a significant influence in your life. Maybe even for years. People you may have once spent a lot of quality time with and attended many events together. Disagreements and/or the busyness of life lead to losing touch and slowly but surely the relationship fades.
  • Roots – these are the people you call on for any reason, at any time. You know they are always there for you through thick and thin. The people you feel most comfortable laughing, crying and sharing your most intimate thoughts without fear of being judged. These are the people who have been around consistently for years. 
  •  The Friendship/Tree analogy has been around for quite some time. The analogy is so fitting, I think, because friendships are a part of of your life in the same way that trees have various parts. Each part has it’s purpose. Once that purpose has been fulfilled it fades away. Rather than grieving a lost friendship, consider cherishing the life lessons brought about by the connection. You don’t see any trees grieving over a lost leaf or limb right? Of course not. The tree simply prepares to grow (receive) something new. Likewise, it is important that we embrace each and every friendship, regardless of the category, as they each hold the experiences (both good and not so good) that at some point along our journeys we will fondly look back on one day and refer to as life lessons. 

 Stay encouraged and know that YOU ARE BLESSED! .

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