Thursday, 7 April 2011

What is it Wednesday?

I began a photo 365 blog back in January of this year and had an idea of photographing a mystery object and seeing how many people could guess. I called it "What is it Wednesday" and posted the link on a few forums that I am a member of. With each week the numbers of people who have been checking in on a Wednesday to see the picture has been steadily growing, yesterday was by far the most with over 600 page views throughout the day.  Yesterday's picture was by far the hardest yet, and out of all the people to view it only one person got it correct. ......... want to know what the answer is? check down below.

Here is a list of the previous images used in the "What is it Wednesday".

a feather

moss on a wall

tv screen

slice of bread

my knuckle

tape measure


bubble wrap

car cigarette lighter 

corner of cup holder from mcdonalds

 tree bark

And this is the answer for the 6th April's What  is it Wednesday ----------- a cigarette 

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